This blog is a joint endeavor, between a sister and brother team, to promote creative thinking through writing and photography. It is a space to capture moments of daily life, simple and complicated, beautiful and alluring, timid and aggressive. So please let our words pass over your tongue and images drift through your mind, a daydream of past memories and future emprise.

The Authors


Teasippingbekah is an amateur author, trying her hand at blogging. She enjoys gardening, hiking and of course tea! Her favorite pastime is to ramble through the woods or the city and let her thoughts unwind. Words constantly drift through her mind. These words become stories and stories become part of her mental canvas.

Never stop daydreaming, never stop creating…..


Sweet Joshy Brown is delighted to be here creating with his sister. From him you can expect contrasty photos, short poems, and the occasional cocktail recipe.